Buying Homeware In ASDA

My last few blog posts have revolved around my move to Plymouth University in September this year. Now I have never had to buy homeware before as this will be my first taste of living on my own. I originally went shopping in IKEA and had a few ideas of where else to buy my goods in order to make my university halls feel like home away from home, however, I never expected to love the homeware section in ASDA as much as I do!

I’ve been a Waitrose girl for the last … 5 years maybe? And those who know of Waitrose may know they aren’t exactly the best place to buy homeware goods when you’re on a budget so I had never really considered buying my items from a supermarket. However, earlier on in the week I found myself walking around one of the larger ASDA’s nearby simply to take a look at the cutlery they had on offer, I had £20 in my pocket, convinced that would be more than I needed, instead I found myself spending over an hour in store completely overwhelmed by the options available to me whether it was bedding, cutlery or even washing up gloves (yes, really!) By the end of this mini shopping spree I was pulling out my bank card to fork out more than £70… but what exactly did I manage to cross off of my homeware list? Click here.


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  1. jkeastt says:

    What will you be studying?

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    1. laurhan says:

      I will be studying Marketing 😊


      1. jkeastt says:

        Ah sounds good! I’ll be studying Sociology at Plymouth in September and I’m hoping to get into marketing/social research!

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      2. laurhan says:

        Oh hey that’s great! 😊 Might see you round then! 💕

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  2. Good luck with your move to uni! Very exciting stuff 🙂


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